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Preference #2 - He Cheats With Your Sister 2/5 (Zayn)

Zayn – You haven’t seen or spoken to Zayn in four days.  He tried calling, but you ignored the calls.  He tried texting, but you deleted the messages.  He sent you flowers, but you rejected the delivery.  There was nothing Zayn could do to make you forgive him.  Nothing.  The night just keeps replaying in your mind.  You have been sitting on your bed now for the past four days and even though you didn’t want to be sad, you secretly were.  A part of you wanted to go back to Zayn, but the other part knew you shouldn’t because not only did he cheat on you, but he cheated on you with your sister.  But, you did eventually have to come across him since you had to go back to his flat to retrieve your things.  You hadn’t heard from Zayn for a few hours, so you thought that he was probably at the studio or out with the boys so you found that to be the perfect opportunity to collect your things.  You drove over to Zayn’s flat and don’t see his car anywhere so you think he isn’t home.  You let yourself in with your key and walk to the bedroom.  You hear faint sobbing through the door.  “Crap,” you whisper to yourself.  You went to turn around and walk out, but you knew you had to get your things.  You reach for the handle and slowly open the door.  Zayn sees you and automatically jumps up, wanting to give you a hug, but you push him off and go to the closet to get your bags.  “Baby, please,” Zayn whispers, hoping to get your attention.  “Please what, Zayn?” you say turning around and giving him a look.  “Please d-don’t leave me.  I regret EVERYTHING.  Honestly.”  Zayn collapsed on his knees, crying hysterically.  You didn’t say anything.  Should you go with your heart, who was telling you to stay with him because you love him?  Or go with your brain, who is saying how much he hurt you?  And you went with your brain.  You walked to the closet and started taking your clothes off the hangers and placing them in your luggage.  He stood up, tears still streaming down his face, and walked over to you.  He tried to pull you into a hug, but you pushed him away.  At one point, he stopped trying to make you stay, because he knew he wouldn’t succeed.  You walked into the guest room to grab a few items from in there when you saw an old picture of you and Zayn.  You took the picture out of the frame and put it inside the dresser, not wanting to remind him of what used to be.   You finally had all of your stuff together and walked towards the front door, not looking back at all, when the front door opened in front of you.  It was your sister.  “(Y/N),” she said.  “Please don’t leave Zayn,” she cried.  “It was all my fault.”  You actually listened to what she had to say.  You turned around to see Zayn standing behind you, eyes red and puffy from crying so hard before.  You really didn’t know what to do.  You walked back into the guest room with Zayn close behind.  You walked over to the dresser and took out the picture you had stuffed in there.  You showed it to Zayn.  “I miss this, Zayn,” you started to cry.  “But I don’t know if I want to be hurt again the way you hurt me,” you continue with tears still down your face.  “Boo, I promise that I will never hurt you again,” he explained taking the picture out of your hands and placing it back into the frame.  You really loved Zayn.  You felt like you would be stupid to take him back, but he has been faithful for the two years you have been together.  Again, you walked away from him with no answer yet.  You walked to your bag and picked it up, this time carrying it back into YOUR room.  The room you shared with Zayn.  “I love you too much, Zayn Malik.”  “I will always love you, (Y/N).  I promise I will never hurt you again.”

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